Keystone Enterprise: Multi-user solution, scalable and efficient
Effortlessly manage and serve large, mixed imagery datasets
Keystone Solo: Small package, big capability
Keystone Web Portal: A window to the world

Saccess launches new look

7 April 2014

Enhanced web interfaces launched for the Saccess satellite image archives of Sweden and Denmark.

Kazahkstan project marks 10 years of cooperation

3 April 2014

Spacemetric's first decade of delivering image management solutions for the Earth observation satellites built by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) coincides with a system for the Kazakhstan MRES mission.

Java Software Ontwikkelaar

16 december 2013

Spacemetric zoekt een software ontwikkelaar die zowel richting als invulling wil geven aan de ontwikkeling van de volgende generatie van ons product.

Landsat 8 ground system heads South

13 December 2013

The ESA's processing, archiving and dissemination system for Landsat 8 is now operating from the Matera satellite receiving station in southern Italy.

Keystone passes MAJIIC2 test

9 December 2013

Keystone showed off its MAJIIC2 credentials at the recent MAJEX13 exercise at the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) in late November.

At Spacemetric we provide image management solutions for satellite and airborne sensors that improve data access and streamline the process from image acquisition to application.

We offer out-of-the-box capabilities that can be scaled and extended to meet specific needs. Our on-the-fly methods provide products rapidly, direct from raw data, removing the time and cost for bulk preprocessing. Using rigorous methods we support the highest possible geometric accuracy.

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